Top must have tools for vinyl transfer machine

if you’re doing a lot of heat transfer vinyl. But there are also some, what I consider “must haves”, that you probably didn’t even realize you needed!

Weeding Tools

A weeding pick is a great tool to have in your arsenal when working with vinyl. This tool comes to a straight point that is handy for being able to peel up those corners and poke and remove those pesky pieces that just won’t budge.

  1. Paper Poker Tool Thing 

 Remove the cut out areas from your paper crafts fast and easily with this multi-purpose paper tool. The poker side pops cut outs out if they don’t stick when the rest of the cut is removed from the Silhouette cut mat. Or use the roller brush side to roll it across an intricate design and remove multiple cut out areas fast

  • Vinyl Remover

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of vinyl remover, this little bottle will become your secret weapon! Never waste money on mistakes again! A little bit of this and you can have your mistakes corrected in no time! You can press new vinyl directly over the spot where you just removed the vinyl without washing the garment. The only material this will not work on unfortunately is textured glitter, reflective, and flock materials.

 A laminator pulls double duty for your Silhouette project! It’s not only an inexpensive and fast way to laminate your print and cut projects, but you can run laminotor sleeves through it empty and cut them with your Silhouette machine to make re-usable stencils.

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