Die-cut machines are a must-have device for crafters.

This tool is ideal for cutting, scoring, and writing designs ranging from simple shapes to signature fonts on materials like chipboard, leather, vinyl, cardstock, wood, and more. These machines may be manual die-cut machines or computerized. Most can be used with any kind of dies. 

We divided die cutting machine in two part.

  1. Manual die cutting machines:
  2. Typically hand-cranked
  3. Don’t require power to work
  4. Great for embossing
  5. Less expensive at first
  6. Have to purchase physical dies, which can get price and limit your creativity
  1. Electronic die cutting machines:
  2. Require power and often an internet connection
  3. Can download free designs online
  4. Anything you can dream up you can make or find an image for
  5. A bit more expensive upfront
  6. Require a computer, tablet, or smartphone to use

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